Undelete World of Warcraft Character

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Common Problems

  • I want to undelete characters I deleted by mistake or accident
  • How long before I can undelete a character to see the list that I have to pick from?
  • How many characters can I restore at once?

You can use the undelete feature to restore a deleted World of Warcraft character and one World of Warcraft Classic character once every 7 days, as long as that character falls within a grace period determined by their level. For a list of grace periods per level, see the table below. Characters and their items and gold are permanently lost after the grace period expires.

Note: We will not assist with undeleting a character, even if it is still within the grace period.

Under level 10, or a Class Trial
Between level 10 and 29
Yes, within 90 days of deletion
Between level 30 and 49
Yes, within 120 days of deletion
Level 50 or higher

To undelete a character in-game:

  1. Click User-added image on the character select screen.
  2. Select a character and click User-added image.

Your restored character will have the items, enchantments, and gems that were on the character when it was deleted. Items deleted prior to deleting the character are not restored by this feature. If the deleted character has the same name as an active character, you will need to delete or rename the active character before using the Undelete service.

Your character list must have enough space to restore a character. You can have a maximum of 50 characters per World of Warcraft account with no limit on the number of characters per realm.

If your character is on a World of Warcraft Classic PVP server, you cannot restore a character of the opposite faction.