World of Warcraft Item Restoration

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Want to recover a disenchanted item
  • Sold an item in error, want it back
  • The items I want to restore don't show up in the Item restoration page

You can use our Item Restoration page to restore sold, destroyed, or disenchanted items. You will receive the restored items in your character’s mailbox.

Items that you cannot restore with the item Restoration service are permanently lost. Customer Support will not restore World of Warcraft items.

Before you restore items:

  • If you also deleted the character that had the item(s), undelete your character first
  • If you disenchanted or scrapped the item(s), make sure your character has the crafting materials you obtained –we'll reclaim them in exchange for the restored item. Gear disenchanted by mistake in a raid group will not have the trade option, even if restored within two hours
  • If you lost a pet, mount, or heirloom, check your Collections tab first, or log in with the character that originally obtained the item


You can restore up to 50 items once every 7 days on each character. 

You cannot restore items if:

  • You don’t have game time or an active subscription
  • Your account is suspended or banned

You cannot restore:

  • Items destroyed in your current play session until you log out –speak to any vendor and check the Buyback tab. You can repurchase the last 12 items you sold since you logged in
  • Stackable crafting material and Quest Items
  • Consumables (reagents, potions, food)
  • Collectibles (pets, mounts, and heirlooms) added to the Collections tab
  • Temporary items such as holiday items
  • Items traded or mailed to another character, or sold on the Auction House
  • Items destroyed before a Character Transfer or Faction Change

Tried everything here?

If you checked all the above, and you still can’t restore your item, it means the item was purged from our database.

Generally, the better the quality and the higher the item level, the longer an item will be retained. For example, a Common (white) item may only be recoverable within one day, while an Epic item may be recoverable for 30 days.

Purged items cannot be restored by any means.