Can't See Friend Request

Updated: 7 months ago
Article ID: 17729

Common Problems

  • I can't see my friend's request to add me
  • I have not received their friend request

  1. Make sure Real ID is enabled
    • Blizzard Website > Account Settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy Options
    • Ensure friend also has correct communication settings enabled
  2. Make sure the account is not muted by Parental Controls
  3. Make sure the account has not hit the friends list cap
    • The cap is 200 friends
    • If the cap is the reason for the unsuccessful attempt, it will not give any error messages. It will look like the request sends, disappears, and is not received
  4. Make sure the Blizzard account email is verified and is fully registered
  5. Make sure that the friend is not blocked
    1. Go to Blizzard App
    2. Click on the Blizzard symbol at the top, left-hand corner of the app
    3. Select the Settings button
    4. Click on Friends & Chat
    5. Click on View Block List
    6. If your friend is on the list, remove them
  6. Make sure both accounts are logged into same region of the Blizzard Application.