An error was encountered. Please come back later.

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Common Problems

  • I receive the error: "An error was encountered. Please come back later."
  • There is a cogwheel icon next to my character and it won't let me transfer it, when buying the service it gives me an error to please come back later
  • I got an error when attempting to Faction Change my character

This error indicates that the character has recently received another service. To resolve this error, log in with this character, log out, and try again. If the issue persists, contact us.


Characters who have an unclaimed reward in the Great Vault can't be transferred. This error indicates that you have a reward to claim. Please visit the Great Vault in Oribos and claim your reward. You will then be able to transfer or faction change your character.

WoW Classic

WoW Classic characters may receive this error if a character of the opposing faction already exists on the destination realm. You will need to delete any characters of the opposing faction from the destination realm before you can complete the transfer.

WoW Classic characters may also encounter this error if the destination realm is temporarily closed to character transfers. For updates on which realms may be restricted, please check the WoW Classic forums.