Creating AddOns, Macros and Keybinds

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My macro isn't working
  • What do I need to write my own addon?
  • How do I configure my AddOns?
  • I need help with keybinding my spells

Blizzard Customer Support cannot assist with addons usage, key-binds, or macro configurations. This includes creating, installing or recommending addons. You may find help from other players in our dedicated Game Forums.

If you want to write your own addon, review our Addon Development Policy to get started. You shouldn't try to customize the interface unless you know XML and LUA. If you don't thoroughly understand both languages, you may break your game installation.

If your interface is not behaving as expected, a good first step is usually to deactivate all AddOns and/or to reset your WoW User Interface. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, try using the search field on this page to search for a more specific term, such as LUA Errors or Third Party Software.