Created Tier Piece for the Wrong Spec

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • Meant to create a tier piece for a different spec 
  • I picked the wrong token from the vendor

Modern World of Warcraft

A tier piece works for all talent specializations. When you swap your talent specialization, the stats of the gear piece and the tier set bonus automatically change to match your chosen specialization.

Tier pieces from content prior to Warlords of Draenor (tier 4 to tier 16) are an exception to the above rule and are not dynamic. When you consume the token to create the tier piece you create it for your current loot specialization, and the piece will not change when you swap talents. If you wanted a different piece, you must obtain another token and consume it while in the correct talent specialization. Customer Support does not assist with swapping tier pieces.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

You can refund the wrong tier piece back to the quartermaster within two hours of exchanging your token, as long as you did not equip, enchant, or gem the tier piece. Customer Support does not assist with swapping tier pieces or refunding tier tokens.