Unable to Install the Battle.net App

Updated: 3 months ago
Article ID: 23039

Common Problems

  • Install for the Battle.net App isn't working
  • Battle.net-Setup-enUS can’t be opened
  • After an uninstall the Battle.net Application will not reinstall

This is caused by a problem downloading or writing new update data. Try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Cached data in your modem and router can cause installation failures. Power cycle your connection hardware.
  2. Run a security scan to remove any viruses or malware infections.
  3. Update or temporarily uninstall any security programs, which may mistake the installer for a threat.
  4. Try creating a new administrator account to resolve permissions issues.
  5. Try closing background applications to resolve any software conflicts.

Tried everything here?

If the steps above did not resolve your problem, visit our Technical Support forum or contact us.