Restore a Quest Item

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Common Problems

  • I didn't have space in my bags, so I've deleted a quest item, can you restore it?
  • I've lost my quest item, please return it to my WoW Classic character
  • I abandoned a quest in error and all my quest items were destroyed

World of Warcraft

In modern World of Warcraft, quest items don't take up space in the inventory and thus cannot be deleted. You can access quest items through the quest tracker.

WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic

In WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic quest items are physical items that take space in your inventory.

  • If you don't remember deleting the item(s), check your bank
  • If the item was provided by the quest giver, try talking to the quest giver again to receive a replacement
  • Abandoning a quest will usually delete all the quest items related to it
  • The Item Restoration page will not restore destroyed quest items. You must abandon the quest and start it again from scratch

Blizzard Customer Support does not assist with restoring quest items.