The desktop app installs, patches, and launches all games from one application. You can also access the Shop, as well as News on all of our games from the app.


The desktop app replaces our previous game launchers. The app will also act as your gateway to future games.

Single Sign-on

You log in to the app using your account information, which also logs you in to all of your games.

If you have Keep me logged in enabled (in Settings > General), the app will keep you logged in for up to 30 days. During those 30 days, you’ll log in automatically if you exit and restart the app.

Note: You can only log in to the app on one computer at a time.

Installation and Patching

As long as the app is running, it will download and install available patches in the background. The app will only patch one game at a time, and you can manually pause or continue patching in the app. You can also disable auto-patching in the app’s Options menu.


Check the Technical Support forums to see if your issue is mentioned there, or contact us.