Can't Craft Hearthstone Card

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I try to craft a card but the card appears in a ghostly blue and I can't craft it
  • I can't craft a Signature Card
  • I can't craft Queen Azshara
  • I can't craft Balinda Stonehearth

If you do not have sufficient dust to craft a card, it will show as a blue "ghost" version of the card. To craft the cards in this case, you must obtain more Arcane Dust.

Some cards cannot be crafted, including the following:

  • Basic cards
  • Cards granted by promotions
  • Cards not yet earned through adventures¬†
  • Cards not yet earned through an achievement
  • Signature Cards (While you can disenchant Signature Cards, these cannot be crafted)

Before you can craft a card obtained through adventure chapters or achievements, you must complete the prerequisite for the card and claim it.