Great Vault Progress Not Updating

Updated: 5 months ago
Article ID: 279635

Common Problems

  • I just did a Mythic + but it doesn't show up in my Great Vault
  • My Great Vault didn't update after my run
  • I completed Castle Nathria on LFR but my Great Vault didn't update

The Great Vault may not immediately update as content is completed. Our developers are working to make these updates happen faster.

In the meantime, if your Great Vault does not update, you can try relogging to see if that refreshes your Great Vault. If that doesn't work, you'll simply need to wait until the update occurs naturally.

Keep in mind that the Great Vault may display seemingly outdated options that do not correspond with your actions last week - this occurs when you don't open the Great Vault during a full week. The options will remain the same until you choose a reward, at which point re-opening will offer you the next set of options for the week after.