Audio transcription in Overwatch 2 allows us to collect a temporary voice chat audio recording of players and transcribe it through speech to text programs. This is to facilitate analysis for disruptive behavior by our chat review tools. The audio recording is quickly deleted. As we do not store voice chat data long term, this system relies on players reporting disruptive behavior as soon as they encounter it. This means you should report disruptive behavior as it’s occurring in-game to give us the best chance at detecting, catching, and preventing disruptive players. 

Players will be alerted in-game via chat at the start of each play session that their voice chat may be recorded to investigate and verify reports of disruptive behavior. Players who do not want their voice chat recorded have the option to toggle off voice chat in the Sound Tab of the game's settings; otherwise, by using the voice chat functionality in Overwatch 2, you understand that communication may be recorded and actioned based on our Code of Conduct. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy