Customer Support cannot assist with these command line and in-game options. If you have any problems running the game using these options, revert back to the standard game mode. 

Before using these commands, be sure you have patched the game to the latest version.

Command Line Options

Right-click the Diablo II shortcut on your desktop and choose Properties. After the last quotation mark in the target field, press the space bar once and type in the command lines below:

  • To force the game to appear in windowed mode, type -w
  • To start the game at the Classic login screen, type -skiptobnet

In-Game Options

Press Enter in-game to bring up the chat screen. In the chat field, type the appropriate code below. These options can only be set in-game. They will not work in the channel or menu screens. If you experience issues with these modes, restart the game to turn these options off.

  • /FPS
    Provides data on your connection speed (Ping), physical memory usage (Phys), and virtual memory (Page).
    Sets the difficulty to reflect an N player game (N = 1 to 8) (Single player only).
    Disables clicking on the ground to pick up items unless you press ALT.