My Overwatch 2 Competitive Rank is Lower After The New Season's Start

Updated: 4 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • My rank is lower than it used to be after the new season began.
  • Help me, I lost some competitive rank when the new season started.
  • Why did I lose rank in my roles with the new season? 

Starting in Overwatch 2 Season Four, seasonal decay has been removed. To help show how close you are to your opponents, the average skill rating of the match will now be displayed at the start of the game.

The placement system in Overwatch 2 Competitive seasons has changed, and is no longer displayed after each match. The competitive division and skill tier will be reviewed every 5 wins, or 15 losses, instead of every single game. If necessary, ranking will be adjusted at that time. 

Customer Support is unable to adjust Overwatch 2 rankings.