Item Doesn't Appear in Transmog Wardrobe

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Common Problems

  • Item is not showing up in the transmog journal
  • Purchased the Grand Marshal/High Warlord gear but it’s not in my wardrobe
  • Why isn’t the Spider Splatter Mace in my wardrobe?
  • Got Sandrene’s Invisible Vest but can’t find it in my collection

Transmog is not available for characters in WoW Classic or Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


The following must be true before an item will show up in your Wardrobe.

  • Armor must be the same primary armor type your character uses. This must be true for both learning the appearance, and using it for transmogrification.
    • For example, a rogue's primary armor type is leather. A warrior's is plate.
  • Your character must have been able to equip the original item.
    • A druid wouldn't be able to unlock a transmog item that was rogue specific, even if the item was leather.
  • Only Soulbound items are added to your Wardrobe.
  • If an item has a refund or trade timer, it will not be added to your Wardrobe until that timer expires. Note: For alt characters, you will not see the item in your wardrobe until the timer has expired, even if your main character can see it.


Only items earned from quests and achievements are retroactively added to your Wardrobe. Any drops that are no longer in your character's inventory—and can’t be recovered using the Item Restoration service—will need to be recollected.

The original PVP gear (Grand Marshal/High Warlord) can’t be used for transmogrification. Characters with the appropriate rank will be able to purchase replica armor to unlock these appearances.

Items that are invisible or extremely silly will not be added to your Wardrobe.

Check Wowhead for more information.

Known Issue

There is currently an issue which can cause appearances to disappear from the appearances collection, as well as from any items it is currently transmogged to. The appearance usually re-appears in the Wardrobe after some time, but can disappear again. We currently do not have a workaround or resolution.

We appreciate your patience while our developers are working to resolve this.