Cannot See Global Chat Channels

Updated: 3 months ago
Article ID: 9738

Common Problems

  • Can't see Trade chat
  • Can't use General chat
  • The "Global Channels" tab in the chat settings window is grayed out

If you are missing global chat channels from your chat tab, first ensure that you have joined them. To join a global channel, go to a major city (such as Orgrimmar or Stormwind), and type the command to join the missing channel(s):

Channel NameCommand
General - Zone/join General
Trade - Zone/join Trade
LocalDefense - Zone/join LocalDefense
Trade (Services)/join services
LookingForGroup - Zone/join LookingForGroup

Note: Some chat channels will not be available if your account is a Starter Edition or was upgraded less than 24 hours ago.

Note: Realm population disparities, particularly a higher number of players from one faction, may affect chat activity. This is a common occurrence and does not indicate any issues with the chat.

Your chat settings may also be causing you to not see certain channels. To resolve this:

  1. Type /resetchat into the chat bar and press Enter
  2. Click Accept
  3. Restart the game from the App after closing it from the in-game menu

If the problem persists, reset your user interface to rule out addon conflicts or corrupted cached data.

If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, please contact us.