StarCraft II Language Errors

更新済み: 3年前
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  • My StarCraft II language isn't right.
  • I receive an error about language packs.


If your StarCraft® II interface language has changed or you receive the error, “an authorized language pack is required,” follow the steps below to return your game client’s language settings to the default.

  1. Locate the variables.txt file on your system.
    • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II​
  2. Find the following lines of text:
    • localeidassets=enUS
    • localeiddata=enUS
  3. Change enUS to match your game's regional language name, then save the file.

Note: If you have two StarCraft II accounts on your account, you must switch the language setting in this file each time you want to swap to a different game account.