Changing the Overwatch Recorded Highlights Save Location

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  • I do not know how to change where my Overwatch highlights get saved
  • Overwatch highlights are not being saved to the Documents\Overwatch folder


If you do not wish to save Overwatch highlights in the default location, the save location must be manually changed:

  1. Make sure Overwatch is closed.
  2. Press the Windows Key.
  3. Type %Documents% and hit enter.
  4. Navigate to \Documents\Overwatch\Settings.
  5. Open the 'Settings_v0.ini' file with a text editor (Notepad, etc.).
  6. Find the [MovieExport.1] section. It may need to be manually added to the end of the document.
  7. Add this line under [MovieExport.1], with your custom file location between the quotation marks:
    VideoPath = " "
  8. Save your changes and launch the game.