Recruit a Friend Link Status

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Where can I see when our RAF link will expire?
  • Are my friend and I correctly linked for RaF?
  • How long will the benefits last?

I am the recruit

Recruits do not have an in-game display for their connection with a recruiter.

If you were invited by a friend, ask your friend to check if you are correctly linked.

I am the recruiter

To verify that your friend correctly accepted your invitation:

  1. Open the social window (default hotkey O)
  2. Click on the Recruit A Friend tab
  3. Check if your friend is on the list of linked accounts

If your friend is not on the list, log out and ask your friend to log out too. Then log in again and check.

A friend who was recruited before March 21, 2023 will stop awarding you credit for the old rewards track, and instead, will grant you credit for the new track if:

  • Their account lapses for three days or more and then return
  • They claim free game time from someone they recruited

Accounts not linked

Only accounts created within the last 7 days, or accounts that have been inactive (without paid game time) for 24 months or more, are eligible to be recruited. There is a 7-day grace period for previously inactive accounts to be recruited after game time is added. Accounts that were created more than 7 days ago, but have never had game time, are not eligible to be recruited.

For information on how to link accounts, visit Recruiting a Friend in World of Warcraft.