Can't Connect to Hearthstone when Using Mobile Connections

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Unable to connect to Hearthstone, only on mobile connections.
  • I can't log in to Hearthstone while on my cellphone, but I can with wi-fi
  • I can play Hearthstone on the computer but not on my phone
  • I can log into Hearthstone, but can't join a match on mobile connections

We are aware of issues with Hearthstone utilizing IPv6 connections.

The following steps can help workaround the issue until a resolution is pushed.

  1. Use a residential connection instead of mobile data when available.
  2. Switch to CDMA or 3G instead of LTE data. This step will vary depending on the device model. For further assistance, please refer to the manufacturer.
  3. Check the Access Point Names (APN) allow IPv4 connections.

Using the drop down below, select your device to change APN settings.

Tried everything here?

If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, please visit our Technical Support Forum.