Creating a Fireside Gathering

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't create a Fireside Gathering.
  • Created a Fireside Gathering but doesn't show up in the website


To create a Fireside Gathering, visit our community site and fill out the webform. You can only create a gathering if you have first won at least three games in either Casual, Ranked, or Arena play mode, and you have filled up your account details.

Events must be created at least 5 days in advance. When editing your event within 5 days of its start, you can only move the date and time forward.

You will receive e-mail confirmation once your listing is approved, and your Fireside Gathering details will then be visible on the Find a Gathering page.

Find more information in our Innkeeper Resources page.

I also want to establish my tavern

If you want to establish a tavern your Fireside Gathering must be public. However, we temporarily disabled the ability to host public Fireside Gatherings due to Covid-19. This means new innkeepers cannot establish a new tavern. You will be able to establish your tavern when it’s safe and we allow public Fireside Gatherings again.

I also want to receive merchandising

You may have the option to request free Hearthstone merchandising for Fireside Gatherings created during official Blizzard promotional events —for example, the release of a new expansion. We will announce promotional events that provide merchandising on our blog.


You can unpack your Fireside Gathering up to 24 hours before the start time of the event. Patrons cannot see your event until 2 hours before the start time –this gives you plenty of time to unpack.

  1. Log in with your account
  2. Make sure your device has geolocation features turned on
  3. Make sure your Hearthstone client is updated
  4. Connect your device to the local WiFi
  5. Follow the in-game prompts to add your WiFi Access Points

Patrons can join the Fireside Gathering within 100 meters of the map pin after the event started. If your don’t see your patrons in your patron list, or they can’t join your Fireside Gathering, check our Can’t Connect to Fireside Gathering support article.