Establishing your Tavern

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Common Problems

  • How do I establish a Tavern?
  • Nemsy is not showing up in our Fireside Gathering
  • Hosted a FSG but the attendees did not receive the Nemsy hero portrait

After hosting a successful Fireside Gathering, your next visit to will prompt you to establish your Tavern and give it a name. If you're having problems setting up a Fireside Gathering, follow the steps on our Creating a Fireside Gathering article.

Note: Any Gatherings set up prior to your Tavern being established will need to be set up again.

Getting Nemsy Necrofizzle

Participate in a Fireside Brawl at an established Fireside Gatherings Tavern to add Nemsy to your collection.

You can tell if the Fireside Brawl is occurring at an Established Tavern or a regular event by looking at the icon of the brawl. If it is the default Hearthstone lantern, this is not an Established Tavern. Established Taverns show a sign with the custom avatar chosen by the Innkeeper.