This page details the video cards that are supported for use with Overwatch®. Due to potential programming changes, this list may change over time.

If you have video issues while playing Overwatch, visit our Overwatch Performance article for help.

Supported Video Cards

GeForce 400 seriesRadeon HD 4000 series (Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 only)HD Graphics 4400, 4600
GeForce 500 seriesRadeon HD 5000 seriesHD Graphics 5500, 5600
GeForce 600 seriesRadeon HD 6000 seriesGraphics 6000 series
GeForce 700 seriesRadeon HD 7000 seriesHD Graphics 520, 530
GeForce 800M seriesRadeon HD 8000 seriesIris Graphics 5100, 540, 550
GeForce 900 seriesRadeon R7/R9 200 seriesIris Graphics 6100
GeForce 1000 seriesRadeon R7/R9 300 seriesIris Pro Graphics 5200, 580
 Radeon R9 Fury/Nano seriesIris Pro Graphics 6200
  HD Graphics 620 and up

Note: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4850, and Intel HD Graphics 4400 are the minimum required cards to run Overwatch. Using a slower video card may lead to performance issues in-game.

Unsupported Video Cards

The video cards listed below are unsupported for use with Overwatch:

  • 3dfx: all cards
  • Matrox: all cards
  • S3 Graphics: all cards
  • SiS/Trident: all cards
NV1/STG-2000Radeon X300, X600, X700, X800, X1000 seriesi740
RIVA seriesRadeon HD 2000 seriesi752 (i810/i815)
Vanta seriesRadeon HD 3410Extreme Graphics series (i830G/i845G)
GeForce 256 seriesMobility Radeon HD 3100Extreme Graphics 2 series (i852G/i854G/i855G/i865G)
GeForce 2 Go seriesMobility Radeon HD 3200GMA 500 (UL11L/US15L/US15W)
GeForce 2 seriesWonderGMA 600 (Atom Z6xx)
GeForce 3 seriesMachGMA 900
(910GL/915GL/915GV/915G/Mobile 915 Family)
GeForce 4 Go seriesRage MobilityGMA 950
(945GZ/945GC/945G/Mobile 945 Family)
GeForce 4 seriesRageGMA 3000 (946GZ/Q963/Q965)
GeForce FX 5000 seriesMobility Radeon 7000GMA X3000 (G965)
GeForce 6 seriesRadeon 7000GMA 3100 (Q33/Q35/G31/G33)
GeForce 7 seriesRadeon 8000GMA X3100 (GL960/GLE960
GeForce 8 seriesMobility Radeon 9000GMA 3150 (Atom D410/Atom
D510/Atom N4x0/Atom N550)
GeForce 9 seriesRadeon 9000GMA X3500 (G35)
GeForce 100 seriesRadeon 9000 ProGMA 4500 (B43/Q43/Q45)
Mobility Quadro seriesRadeon 9000 Pro All-in-WonderGMA X4500 (G41/G43)
Quadro seriesRadeon 9000 IGPGMA X4500HD (G45)
Mobility Quadro NVS seriesRadeon 9100GMA 4500MHD (GL40/GS40
Quadro NVS seriesRadeon 9100 IGPGraphics 400 series
Tesla seriesRadeon 9100 Pro IGP 
GeForce GT 230Mobility Radeon 9200 
GeForce GT 220MRadeon 9200 SE 
 Radeon 9200 
 Radeon 9200 Pro All-in-Wonder 
 Radeon 9250 SE 
 Radeon 9250 
 Mobility FireGL/FirePro 
 Fire GL 
 Fire Pro 3D 
 Fire Stream 
 FireMV/Fire Pro