This page details the video cards that are supported for use with Overwatch ®2. Due to potential programming changes, this list may change over time.

If you have video issues while playing Overwatch 2, visit our Overwatch 2 Performance article for help.

Supported Video Cards

GeForce GTX 600 seriesRadeon HD 7000 series
GeForce GTX 700 seriesRadeon HD 8000 series
GeForce GTX 800M seriesRadeon R5/R7/R9 200 series
GeForce GTX 900 seriesRadeon R5/R7/R9 300 series
GeForce GTX 10 seriesRadeon R9 Fury/Nano series
Volta seriesRadeon Pro Duo
GeForce GTX 16 seriesRadeon RX 400 series
GeForce RTX 20 seriesRadeon RX 500 series
GeForce RTX 30 seriesRadeon RX Vega series
 Radeon VII series
 Radeon RX 5000 series
 Radeon RX 6000 series

Note: Overwatch will attempt to run on hardware below minimum specifications, including older CPUs and integrated GPUs. However, the game experience may be significantly diminished.